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Available Now: Pelvic Power Hour – Pain Perspectives, Exploring the Mind-Body Connection in Pelvic Health

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Now Streaming: Pelvic Power Hour – Kelsey Bates Unveils Secrets to Empowerment and Healing!

Celebrate Pelvic Pain Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month by tuning in to an uplifting online event with Kelsey Bates, a trailblazing psychotherapist and the mastermind behind Women’s CBT. Dive into an engaging exploration of resilience, health, and emotional well-being, crafted especially for women grappling with chronic health challenges.

🧠 What to Expect from This On-Demand Interview:

  • Personal Insights: Discover how Kelsey’s battle with Adenomyosis reshapes her approach to therapy and women’s health.
  • Empowerment through CBT: Learn about the transformative impact of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on pelvic pain and dysfunction.
  • Overcoming Emotional Hurdles: Tackle the common emotional challenges encountered by women with chronic pelvic conditions.
  • Support Networks: Understand the significance of building strong support systems in navigating women’s health.
  • Reclaiming Your Power: Find out how therapy can reignite your sense of purpose and empowerment amidst health trials.

🎉 Don’t miss out on this empowering journey! Watch the Pelvic Power Hour and transform your understanding of pelvic wellness.

Featured Speaker:

Kelsey Bates, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in women’s health, established her private practice, Women’s CBT, PLLC, in 2021. With a Master’s degree from The George Washington University and a profound commitment to ongoing education, Kelsey brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her sessions. Her therapeutic arsenal includes trauma-informed CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, somatic therapy, and more, all tailored to support women through complex chronic health issues.

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