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From pain to empowerment: How pelvic pain inspired me to start a pelvic care company

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Femtech is big business, and by removing the stigma surrounding women’s health, we can help ensure that all women receive the care they deserve.

It often feels discouraging to talk about certain subjects—especially regarding women’s health, much of which has long been considered taboo. For decades, many women have been taught from a young age to feel ashamed of their bodies and stay quiet about certain subjects, conditioning them to strive for perfection and conceal any perceived flaws. Unfortunately, many aspects of women’s health, including periods, fertility, menopause, and pelvic issues, have become shrouded in taboo—a mentality that has severe consequences for women’s overall health. It discourages them from seeking help when needed and perpetuates the misconception that these issues only affect a minority.

I believe it’s high time to shatter the shame and break the silence surrounding women’s health. That’s precisely why I’m sharing my story today—to encourage others to do the same and help end these taboos. We can only create a supportive community and build solutions that provide better healthcare for all women by opening up.

Read Kerstin’s story as featured in Fast Company https://www.fastcompany.com/90908192/from-pain-to-empowerment-how-pelvic-pain-inspired-me-to-start-a-pelvic-care-company

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