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A podcast by Peli Health dedicated to Pelvic Wellness

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We cover a range of topics, from kegels to prolapse, providing insights and answers to your pressing questions. Whether you’re relaxing with coffee or a tea, we invite you to join our empowering discussions and change the narrative around pelvic health.

Harmonizing Your Health: Strategies for Pelvic Floor Healing and Wellness with Evelyn Hecht

Hello Down There, Ep 1

Episode 1

Join us in another enlightening session with Helen Grimshaw of Peli Health and Evelyn Hecht from Pelvic Sense as they explore the fundamentals of maintaining a healthy pelvic floor and strategies for healing. Unveil the knowledge and exercises that can guide you to alleviate chronic pelvic and bladder pain and optimize your well-being.

Overcoming Stigma & Finding Relief for Pelvic Floor Disorders with Evelyn Hecht

Hello Down There, Ep 2

Episode 2

Join Helen Grimshaw, Co-founder of Peli Health, and Evelyn Hecht, founder of Pelvic Sense, in a vital conversation aiming to break the stigma surrounding pelvic floor disorders. This video sheds light on the barriers women face and offers guidance on how to actively seek help and find lasting relief.

Intimate Wellness: Navigating Pelvic Pain, The Brain & Pleasurable Intimacy with Evelyn Hecht

Hello Down There, Ep 3

Episode 3

Many women endure distressful sensations—burning, itching, dryness, stabbing, deep internal pressure—during intimacy, thinking it’s normal. The continuation of such experiences can lead to avoidance of intimacy, relationship stress, and a myriad of other pelvic issues. Understanding and addressing these concerns are crucial for overall well-being and sustaining healthy relationships.

Navigating Perimenopause & Menopause: Peli Health Talks Pelvic Wellness with Evelyn Hecht

Hello Down There, Ep 4

Episode 4

Join Helen Grimshaw, Co-founder of Peli Health, in an enlightening Q&A session with Evelyn Hecht, a renowned Physical Therapist and the founder of Pelvic Sense. This segment zeroes in on the pivotal topics of Perimenopause and Menopause, shedding light on the specific challenges and conditions related to pelvic health that may arise as we age.

Revolutionizing Women’s Health: An Insightful Conversation with V-ology's Founders

Hello Down There, Ep 5

Episode 5

Uncover the inspiring journey and mission of V-ology, a pioneering company dedicated to enhancing women’s pelvic health. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with the passionate founders of V-ology, discussing the inspiration behind the brand, their innovative products, and their commitment to fostering essential conversations around women’s health.

Part 1: Empowering New Moms - Postpartum Fitness & Pelvic Wellness with Alex Megan of After BabyFit

Hello Down There, Ep 6

Episode 6

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Alex Megan, the founder of After BabyFit, as we delve deep into the crucial yet often overlooked aspects of postpartum fitness and pelvic health.

Part 2: Empowering Pelvic Health - Strategies for Postpartum Recovery

Hello Down There, Ep 7

Episode 7

Welcome to Part 2 of our insightful interview series focusing on empowering pelvic health and postpartum recovery! Join us as Alex Megan, a revered expert from AfterBabyFit, unveils personalized strategies and practices designed to strengthen the pelvic floor and alleviate common postpartum issues.

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