Pelvic Care for Down There

Empowering women with MD-approved education, expert-led care & a supportive community.

Pee when you sneeze? Ow vs. wow with sex?

You’re Not alone. Pelvic floor disorders impact millions of women with a vulva. Diagnosis can take years.

1 in 3 people

suffer incontinence

1 in 6 people

suffer chronic pelvic pain

1 in 9 people

suffer painful sex

Knowledge is power

Pelvic problems are preventable and correctable.

Whether your goal is to:

  • Proactive pelvic wellness for overall health
  • Have more bladder control
  • Enjoy sex again
  • Reduce pain & improve mobility
  • Understand treatment option & care solutions
  • Get guidance from pelvic care experts
  • Connect with a supportive community

Peli Health’s platform provides you with evidence-based education, tools, and care needed to help you improve, manage and advocate for your overall well-being.

Pelvic wellness education and tools at your fingertips

MD-approved Education & Resources

Discover our collection of medically-vetted, bite sized resources at your own pace, on your own time (we see you, 3AM insomnia!). Get smart on symptoms, solutions, care, lifestyle, life stages, mindfulness & pelvic products and programs.

Supportive Community

Connect with other women and vulva owners in our private, moderated community & ask pelvic health questions to pelvic care experts.

Care Squads & Events

Join expert-led events and workshops each event is a deep dive on a topic to help you achieve your pelvic wellness goals.

It’s never too early or too late
to start improving your pelvic health

Your pelvic health today will impact your future self.

Gen Z

Peli Health helped me feel empowered to take ownership of my pelvic and sexual health.


Health is my number one priority and Peli gave me knowledge to keep my pelvic floor in top shape as I age.

Gen X

Between all the changes that occur with the transition of menopause the last thing I need is more leaks and pain down there. Peli Health has prepared me and my floor.

How It Works

Take these simple steps to sign up for Peli Health’s educational platform.

Step 1: Sign Up

No download needed. Just sign up and join Peli Health’s education platform.

Step 2: Immediate Access

Discover evidence-based content based on your personal needs.

Step 3: Get ongoing support

Connect with fellow members and join expert-led events and workshops for your pelvic, sexual, mental and nutritional health needs.

Smashing taboos starts with science

Meet Peli Health’s advisor team of board-certified doctors & pelvic physical therapists.

Dr. Lucien Alexandre, MD PhD

Dr. Lucien Alexandre, MD PhD

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Pamela Downey, DPT

Dr. Pamela Downey, DPT

Clinical Advisor

Favorite free resources from Peli Health

Free resources to improve your pelvic floor and overall pelvic wellness.

Unlocking Confidence

Navigating Your First Pelvic Health Appointment

A Mock Cover For The Pelvic Playbook Guide

The Pelvic Playbook

A Comprehensive Guide for Women’s Pelvic Wellness

A Mock Cover For The Pelvic Playbook Guide

Pelvic Symptom Tracker

Symptom & progress monitoring for better communication with your doctor.


Pelvic Power Journal

Discover the Ultimate Pelvic Health Platform

Discover the Ultimate Pelvic Health Platform

Whether you're dealing with leaks when laughing or jumping, saying "ow" and "wow" in bed, battling pelvic pain, or just wanting to stay proactive and prevent pelvic issues as you age, this is the place for you. We take a holistic approach to pelvic health, addressing...

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