Our mission

Peli Health was launched to support and be part of a generational change in women’s health.

We aim to transform the conversation around pelvic care through empowerment, accessibility and education.

Our story

Managing our own health at various chapters in our lives, we have seen and experienced first-hand some of the challenges when it comes to talking about intimate issues. Finding answers and feeling comfortable to talk openly about health problems can be hard even with people you trust.

Our experiences

We started as two women, different countries, different ages, sharing our experiences of c-sections, postpartum complications, and signs of perimenopause. From battling with extreme pelvic pain and complications, to feeling unprepared for the changes in a woman’s health as we age. It came down to the lack of easily accessible information and knowing where to go for the right support.

“Our journeys shouldn’t have been so hard. After experiencing life changing issues in the pelvic region, and our mental health and relationships also affected – we knew we had to be part of a lasting change.”

Meet the team

Helen Grimshaw


Kerstin Recker


Aaron Chavez

Financial Advisor


Dr. Lucien C. Alexandre, MD, PhD

Clinical Advisor

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