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PELI Health, The Company Challenging The Stigma Around Female Health

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Peli Health (formerly Elana) Co-Founder Helen Grimshaw sat down with Loren Shapiro to discuss innovation in women’s pelvic health for the London Design agency Rant + Rave ‘Known Unknowns’ which profiles those making a difference to drive better, more socially responsible business practices.

Can you tell how Peli Health (formerly Elana) came about?

Peli Health (formerly Elana) started during the pandemic, when we were all at the mercy of a screen to connect us to everything. It soon became very clear how inaccessible many critical services were. We were witnessing an unprecedented demand for digital health services, which some would argue were not particularly new, but now more emphasis was being given to the importance of them. This, coupled with the gaping hole in women’s health services made it glaringly obvious that there was no better time for a change in how we manage our health.  

In our conversation, we spoke about the influence that led to the establishment of Peli Health (formerly Elana), how the company is challenging the stigma around female health and what we can do as organisations and society to normalise pelvic floor dysfunction.

You can read the full interview here: https://www.rant-rave.info/blog/known-unknowns-elana-health

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