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Pelvic Power Hour: Menopause Makeover, From Uncertainty to Empowerment

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Interview Drop: May 30th!

Transitioning through perimenopause and beyond can feel daunting, but with the right tools and knowledge, we can embrace this new phase of life with confidence and empowerment. Join us for our upcoming Pelvic Power Hour on-demand event featuring Laetitia Saint Maur, the founder of Menopause Divine. Beyond being an advocate for social impact and women’s empowerment, Laetitia is on this journey alongside you, offering guidance, understanding, and natural solutions. Whether you’re looking to proactively enhance your well-being or gain insight on supporting someone in perimenopause, she shares accessible tips for all.

What You’ll Learn in this On-demand Event that Comes Straight to Your Inbox when the interview drops on May 30th:

🌸 Understanding Menopause: Delve into common hormonal shifts and pelvic health issues women encounter during menopause

🌱 Lifestyle Tips: practical lifestyle tips to alleviate menopausal symptoms and enhance overall well-being.

💼 Impact on Women’s Lives: Explore how different stages of menopause affect women’s lives, particularly in the workplace, and strategies for navigating these changes.

🗣️ Breaking Taboos: Address the societal taboos and lack of awareness surrounding pelvic health changes during menopause and ways to change this narrative.

🏢 Menopause-Friendly Employers: Gain insights into how companies can become more menopause-friendly employers and create supportive work environments.

🤗 Supporting Loved Ones: Learn effective ways to support colleagues, partners, friends, or family members experiencing menopause and be a source of understanding and encouragement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and empower yourself and others in understanding and embracing the transformative journey of menopause. Register now for our Pelvic Power Hour event with Menopause Divine.

Featured Speaker:

Laeticia Saint Muir is a seasoned advocate for social impact and women’s empowerment, boasting over two decades of experience in media and technology. As the founder of Menopause Divine, she leads an innovative community that supports busy women through peri to post-menopause, offering personalized consultations and working with employers to create menopause-friendly policies and environments. Join us as we delve into Laeticia’s journey and uncover how menopause can fuel personal growth and empowerment.

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