Unlocking Confidence

Navigating Your First Pelvic Health Appointment

Advocate for your pelvic floor health like a pro!

Are you new to the world of pelvic health, or facing issues down below? We’ve got your back (or rather, your pelvic floor). We are a team of passionate advocates and here to equip you with the knowledge you need to conquer this subject with confidence. We totally understand that you might feel scared or overwhelmed or even frustrated. But there’s really nothing to worry about! To assure you, we’ve developed a super helpful list of tips that will make you rock your first pelvic health discussion with your doctor.

What’s inside the guide?

8 handy tips with detailed information and suggestions such as tracking, prioritizing, and more.

Sample page

More pages are available for download in this convenient PDF guide. Get ready to be informed and confident before your next pelvic health appointment.

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