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Bladder Pain

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Bladder Pain

Have you been dealing with a nagging discomfort in your lower belly? The kind that shows up unannounced and does not follow a regular pattern? It may feel like period cramps, but you know it isn’t because you just went through the menstrual phase of your menstrual cycle?

You may be dealing with painful bladder syndrome, if this pain is accompanied by the following:

– Frequently going to the bathroom

– The feeling you need to pee right away

– Pressure-like sensation or tenderness in your pelvic region

– Pain in your lower back

– Pain during sex

– Pain relieved after urinating

Also known as interstitial cystitis, this condition is more common in women than men. Symptoms may flare up and go away on their own. But dealing with these flares of painful bladder syndrome significantly impacts one’s quality of life. Yet that does not mean you can’t deal with these symptoms and improve your life. There are ways to tackle painful bladder syndrome, and a health practitioner can guide you better.

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