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Painful Sex

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Painful Sex

Sex is fun. But the slightest ting of pain will raise some alarm bells and can ruin this pleasurable experience for all involved.

Also known as dyspareunia, there are many reasons why you could experience pain during sex, ranging from physical problems (such as an infection) to psychological issues.

Pain during sex may not be the same for every woman; but dyspareunia may feel like:

– Persistent or recurrent genital pain that occurs before, during, or after sex

– Stinging, aching, tearing, or burning sensation

– Anxiety at the thought of penetration

– Pain felt at the entrance of the vagina during penetration

– Deep pain (felt at the ‘top’ of the vagina)

If something constantly feels off during sex, do not dismiss it. Reach out to a pelvic or sexual health practitioner to explore why you are experiencing dyspareunia. Identifying the issue, both physical and emotional, and working on a solution will help you feel more relaxed and improve your overall sexual health.

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