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Vaginoplasty Prep and Recovery

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Vaginoplasty Prep And Recovery

Preparing to undergo surgery requires a lot of strategic planning. And heading towards any surgery well-prepared will ascertain quick recovery.

Generally, vaginoplasty is a type of genitoplasty that repairs or constructs the vagina. And preparing for vaginoplasty depends on why you are opting for this surgery and your medical needs.

There is a long list of indications for this surgery. However, individuals who opt for this surgery are generally women:

– Who have gone through childbirth and are dealing with pelvic floor defects

– Looking to correct pelvic organ prolapse (such as cystocele or rectocele)

– Born with congenital abnormalities

– Who require vaginal reconstruction after undergoing surgery or radiation to remove a vaginal tumor

– Undergoing gender affirmation surgery

Before scheduling your surgery, talk to your health care practitioner about the procedure, how to prepare for it, what you need to do afterward, and any general concerns regarding vaginoplasty.

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