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Bloom Unscented Intimate Oil

Brand: V-Ology


Choose your Bloom Unscented Intimate Oil for pure, gentle care. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this fragrance-free oil provides essential hydration and comfort in a discreet way, ensuring your intimate areas remain nourished and protected.

"I'm loving this vulva oil right now! I've been searching for something to moisturize and hydrate my nether regions, and this is it for me."


For those who prefer a pure, fragrance-free approach, Bloom Unscented Intimate Oil is the perfect ally against vaginal discomfort. Whether it's menopause, exercise, or hormonal shifts causing dryness and irritation, this unscented oil offers a discreet, hydrating solution. Free from any fragrance, it's specially formulated to provide relief and freshness to your intimate areas, ensuring comfort and moisturization without any added scents.

All Natural Simple Ingredients:
Apricot oil, Sunflower oil, Organic Argan oil


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