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Bridging the gender health gap: How to harness digital innovation for women’s healthcare transformation

by | Company News, Pelvic Health, Women's Health

Countless women across the globe navigate a journey fraught with challenges when it comes to addressing pelvic health concerns. Issues like lower back pain that worsens during menstrual periods, painful sex, and feelings of heaviness in the pelvis can be symptoms of medical diagnoses like endometriosis, dyspareunia, and uterine prolapse.

But what many women don’t know is that they face an invisible challenge when trying to identify and address these issues: a lack of research funding specific to women’s pelvic health issues.

Dive into the latest article by Peli Health co-founder Kerstin Recker featured in Fast Company “Bridging the Gender Health Gap: Unlocking Women’s Healthcare Transformation,” and explore:

🔍 Tackling pelvic health concerns and the research funding gap in women’s health.

🌟 Strategies for business leaders to champion increased funding and focus on women’s health research.

💼 Opportunities for enhancing investment in women’s health, including femtech and AI integration.

👩‍💼 Empowering women’s health in the workplace and driving innovation forward.

Read the article featured in Fast Company here!

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