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Fall Into Pelvic Wellness

We are thrilled to present our “Fall into Pelvic Wellness” series – a treasure trove of weekly interviews that delve deep into the world of pelvic health. Prepare to immerse yourself in enlightening conversations with leading experts in the field, from dedicated pelvic floor specialists to experienced medical practitioners and menopause experts.

Each week we will release a new interview directly to your inbox. All interviews are available on demand, available as audio or video, so you can dive in at your own pace and convenience.

Week 1: Navigating Pelvic Health Through Menopause featuring Erin Keyes, CEO & co-founder of Telegenixx

Available in audio and video

Uncover the evolution of your pelvic health as you transition from Perimenopause to Post menopause. Examine the distinct phases of menopause and how they influence your pelvic well-being. Dive deep into the pivotal role hormones play in women’s pelvic health and gain insights into common menopausal pelvic issues, symptom management, preventive measures, and hormone replacement therapy. The podcast also sheds light on postmenopausal pelvic health changes and underscores the significance of support systems.

Erin Keyes, CEO of Telegenixx, merges her expertise as a former CDC senior researcher with a unique blend of scientific knowledge and business acumen. With master’s degrees in public health and business administration from Emory University and a background in molecular biology, Erin passionately empowers individuals to navigate midlife, particularly the transformative stage of menopause, offering valuable insights for symptom management and seizing life’s opportunities.

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